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Join now to enjoy blackjack jingle packages that we offer for all those who are on our mailing list over a year downloading As already mentioned jingles are simple but effective to color your web radio. Jingle blackjack and find us on our Facebook page. DJs are welcome we also create for them gratos jingles in our packs By ordering your personal jingle you support our creations We offer our gratos register jingle jingles gratos after enrollment in the form above you will receive an email confirmation that you must enable. Thereafter I suggest you put us in your contacts to receive our broadcast emails.

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An email containing the link to confirm your registration and access to jingle for free.
Esuite few days later you will still receive emails from us to you Denez information how to manage your radio or web radio There are currently gratos and the longer you stay on our list jingles more you receive by email the download link in jingles jingles are copyright-free.

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The radio jingles today have many uses. In every major national radio you find radio jingles, radio jingles for the time signal, jingles for radio weather, radio jingles for road information, jingles for radio horoscopes, radio jingles for information.
Radio jingles, there are several categories of jingles, radio jingles singing acappella radio jingles, music radio jingles are usually called, a comma.
For a radio or radio Webb it is important to have an identifier is identifier is done through jingles.